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Rob Elliot has seized the opportunity to fulfill a dream. Since 1987, he has built on the experience of a life around timber to design furniture using only locally grown Elm.

Bringing his skills to the natural beauty of the wood, Rob has succeeded in producing furniture to be treasured; furniture sought after by householder and connoisseur alike. It is difficult to stand next to a piece of Rob’s warm inviting furniture and not touch it!

Rob’s, ‘Conception Cabinet’, was judged the ‘Most Popular Work of 1999’ at the ‘Visual Arts Scotland’ show in The Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh, and is only one piece in a unique range which reaches from a child’s chair to dining sets, to beds and bookcases.

When asked about his work, Rob has said: 'I strive to transform the raw shapes of nature into an experience of form, opening the imagination of the viewer to the possibilities within the material. In only using Elm trees, I bring the hidden patterns and textures of this captivating hardwood into the homes of those with a discerning eye, those with an eye for beauty. In using elms that have died naturally, that beauty is expressed without loss to the environment from whence it came'.

Rob has an all new website that is worth a visit!

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Rob Elliot Furniture
Rob Elliot has succeeded in producing furniture to be treasured; furniture sought out by householder and connoisseur alike


Rob Elliot
River Cottage
Riverside Road

01750 722 243
07919 837 598


  • Lounge
  • Study
  • Dining
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
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