An Identity in Wood - Stephen Finch & Janie Morris image

    An Identity in Wood - Stephen Finch & Janie Morris

    In the fourth podcast Stephen Finch and Janie Morrison talk to Jonathan Rose about what it’s like to work with wood and being designer makers in Edinburgh.

    An Identity in Wood - Richard England & Janie Morris image

    An Identity in Wood - Richard England & Janie Morris

    The third podcast features Richard England as he shares with Janie Morrison and Jonathan Rose the transition into a second career, one of making things in wood.

    An Identity in Wood - Jack Sheahan image

    An Identity in Wood - Jack Sheahan

    In the second podcast of the series, Jonathan Rose is in conversation with fellow designer-maker Jack Sheahan who talks about his new life in Edinburgh, becoming a designer maker in a community of designers and makers.

    An Identity in Wood - Tom Addy image

    An Identity in Wood - Tom Addy

    In the first podcast of the series, Jonathan Rose talks to fellow designer-maker Tom Addy about his work and life in rural Aberdeenshire and the Ash Rise! project.

    Interview - Jonathan Rose image

    Interview - Jonathan Rose

    I am drawn to pieces that find a place in my home. I was brought up in the 60’s and the new clean post utility fashion was strong, made with increasingly sophisticated machine tools of the time which reduced the repetitive, but skilled work of the 19...

    Interview - Stephen Finch image

    Interview - Stephen Finch

    I’m very much a materials focused designer. I enjoy choosing wood that complements my designs and aim to use it in a sympathetic way. My style constantly evolves as there are always new techniques and methods to explore and experiment with. However, ...

    Interview - Max McCance image

    Interview - Max McCance

    I prefer working in solid wood because it is both technically challenging, and extremely beautiful.  Nothing can replace or emulate the look of a finely grained piece of hardwood.  I like the fact that wood isn’t stable – it has to be able to move – ...

    Interview - Colin Semple image

    Interview - Colin Semple

    My work is mostly commission based so each piece is a bit different but I tend to make pieces that are a bit contemporary and feature flowing, organic curves. I mostly work with locally sourced hardwoods and like to use my pieces to show off the text...

    Interview - Daniel Lacey image

    Interview - Daniel Lacey

    As a designer/maker of contemporary wooden furniture – my favourite material for my work is, not surprisingly, wood.  More precisely where I use a windblown or dead tree that has some meaning to my customer.  A recent example being a dead tree from a...

    Interview - Richard England image

    Interview - Richard England

    The perfect chair! Ultimately, it’s an unachievable goal – marrying form, function and fortitude to such a degree – but it won’t stop me trying.

    Interview - Janie Morris image

    Interview - Janie Morris

    I love working with Scottish hardwoods, they have so much unique character and I love that it’s a local sustainable product.

    Interview - Adrian McCurdy image

    Interview - Adrian McCurdy

    I create a style of simplicity with shapes of inner-tree growth and joints of pegs and wedges. Variations of a simple stool can be endless. In essence it's explorative and timeless. 

    Local wood local maker - Tom Cooper image

    Local wood local maker - Tom Cooper

    When I was approached by The Royal College of Surgeons to design and make a bespoke lectern as a gift for the American College of Surgeons, they were keen for the piece to have a truly Scottish, but better still a real Edinburgh connection.

    Interview - Gavin Robertson image

    Interview - Gavin Robertson

    One of the most satisfying aspects to making high quality, handmade furniture, is that every day is different.

    Interview - Angus Ross image

    Interview - Angus Ross

    ‘Design is the key.’ So says Angus Ross, a furniture maker who has been running a successful business from his workshop in Aberfeldy for over twenty years.